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Global Trackable Vehicle GPS Security Service in Surrey and Vancouver BC

BSL Security Services has developed the most up-to-the-minute fleet management and GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking software to provide highly efficient security assistance to our professional security officers. All the vehicles in our fleet possess a GPS locator installed discretely and disjointedly inside them. With the help of our GPS satellite links, each locator sends continuous signals to our operations centre dispatchers. This aids us in clearly showcasing information pertaining to the speed, directions and locations of all the vehicles on a live map or in photographs taken from Google Earth.

Our GPS-enabled vehicle services effectively support our presence in regions like Burnaby, Richmond, and others. These vehicles also help us in providing efficient services at remote sites and continuously assist our remote site security guards.


Our GPS enabled vehicles help us with their global tracking and efficient management in an unprecedented manner. Our fleet management and global tracking software, which is equipped with numerous useful tools and features, aids us in routing vehicles much more effectively. Moreover, it helps us in augmenting our productivity by getting to more deliveries and stops in the lesser span of time.

Apart from providing office and commercial securitywe offer our security services at various other places subsuming construction sites, hotels, special events etc. our GPS enabled vehicles enhance the effectiveness of our security services by connecting technology assistance to our teams’ efforts.

Our operations centre can easily dispatch vehicles and analyze routes taken by those vehicles, and it helps in instantly locating the closest vehicle to a site, advising drivers about the road conditions and many more. This implies that our mobile units can respond much faster to clients and alarms than ever before.


BSL Security’s GPS enabled vehicles helps in significantly reducing the environmental impact of our vehicles as we can easily identify the inefficient driving patterns responsible for fuel wastage, and augmenting vehicle wear & tear. Our GPS-enabled vehicles and fleet management system helps in considerably reducing our carbon footprint in the following ways:

  • Efficient Maintenance Management
  • Efficient driving and routing
  • Reduced engine idling
  • Reduced fuel usage

Our GPS-enabled vehicles ensure high safety from safety aspects, equipped as they are with panic buttons that can be used during emergencies.. The panic button connects the vehicle to our 24 hour operations centre. All our vehicles are also equipped with employee panic buttons which can be used by our employees if they are in trouble to request help from our round the clock functioning operations centre. Since the exact location of the vehicle can be tracked very easily, dispatching immediate help is not a problem.