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Facing Unseen Dangers: Construction security guard

Do you want your construction site to be checked regularly in order to deter any vandalism or deter activity, and ensure that the site remains safe and secure?

Perhaps construction sites are the easiest targets for vandals and thieves, and need rigorous checking as valuable construction equipment is left on site without proper locks and safe rooms. Additionally, construction sites are open from all the places and breaching the site is not difficult for thieves. BSL Security Services, one of the leading security companies in Surrey, Vancouver, and Richmond possess the apt resources and a team of professional security guards to protect your valuable assets lying on the construction sites through a broad array of specialized security services in Surrey subsuming:

  • GPS-Enabled Vehicle Patrolling
  • 24/7 Alarm & Monitoring System
  • Round the Clock Availability of Uniformed Guards
  • Threats and Risk Assessment
  • Access Control Measures

Additionally, we provide regular maintenance of water resources and keep a check on disaster situations. We understand that threats from water and fire may have severe effects, and thus, we alleviate your security arrangements by appointing our mobile patrolling services that aid in considerable reduction of property damage owing to any such threats and improving safety & health checks the construction site.


We provide highly secure and smart solutions to your construction sites by appointing extensively trained and licensed construction site security guardsIn addition to regular security arrangements, we also ensure that our highly trained mobile patrol officers visit your site in well-maintained and marked security vehicles on a random basis as well as at pre-designated times to ensure that the property is secure and safe.

We leverage smart technology solutions like state of the art handheld computers to electronically document the entry of every person on the construction site during and after working hours. We also use GPS-enabled vehicles for patrolling as they ensure faster response times for any emergency situation. We also make all security reports and documentation available to you in real-time along with all incident reports as they happen through your preferred medium. With the help of our advanced reporting systems and time-stamped access verifications, you can be rest assured about our 100% commitment to your security requisites.


We don’t just offer you highly professional construction site security guardsbut you can also contact us to get a detailed construction site security consultation in order to get a customized sec

urity plan developed for you. While our security starts right at the entrance of your construction site, it does not end there. We provide comprehensive coverage of your construction site and our security guards personally check each and every segment of the site after regular intervals.