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BSL Security Services offers the most extensive and in-time emergency response and monitoring services Richmond, Burnaby, Vancouver and many other regions of the country. Our continuous and real time monitoring systems not just meet, but exceed the highest industry standards in security, enabling our professionals to create incredible value for our specialized and high-profile clientele.

We possess one of the most up-to-the-minute and advanced customer operations centre in the country performing real-time monitoring. Our monitoring system is supported by state of the art back-up systems which ensure that it stays up all the time without even a moment’s failure. This implies that our customers can leverage from our advanced alarm monitoring service and a faster response to all sorts of alarm signals.


Our 24X7 operational customer communication centre continuously monitors all the access signals, videos and alarms. We indulge into real time monitoring of the alarms and ensure that our security team reaches the incident venue within 30 minutes or earlier as the alarm response.

In several cases, the cameras installed on the sites provide an alarm signal with the help of video motion detection, signaling the professionals from our mobile response teams to dispatch immediately for the incident location. There are several other devices which can also trigger the video transmission to our operations centre by integrating the access control points or alarms into the video system. Our extensively trained operations centre operators and security professionals’ use the remote cameras to verify the events and the alarms to follow the escalation protocols.


BSL Security is one of the largest and leading emergency response fleets serving the clients in Canada and, thus, we are always ready to immediately respond to our clients’ security and safety requisites.  All our emergency response operations are supported by a 24/7 operations, real-time monitoring center which coordinates all the aspects of our security service delivery. Right from CCTV to access control systems & remote video monitoring, and from the emergency alarm response to mobile patrols, BSL’s professional security guards provide the best value and highest quality services for all our discerning clients.

At every level of our remote monitoring and emergency alarm response segment, we deploy the industry best practices to ensure superior client service and the finest safety & security services available in the today’s marketplace. Our extensive support and supervisory structure that includes Shift Supervisors, Site Supervisors, Mobile Supervisors, Zone Supervisors, Field managers and Client Service Managers, all work dedicatedly to make sure that our clients get the hassle free quality service from an integrated team of industry’s one of the top-notch security company. This is just the part of the BSL difference and one of the reasons that why we are leading the security industry for years.