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Secure Your World: Professional Security Guards Service in Surrey

Security Guards in Surrey of BSL Services excel at delivering professional security guard services, offering comprehensive and turn-key security solutions for a diverse clientele. Our commitment is to provide outstanding service and exceptional quality to meet your security needs. Our professional security guards are available when you need a dedicated and full-time site presence to manage its security in the most extensive manner possible. We select only the best security guards and then train and equip them for a variety of security threatening situations and environments. Our professional security guards are well prepared to handle any and every type of security threat.


Our highly stringent selection process and rigorous training programs ensure that our security officers possess the confidence and the apt skill set to completely comply with your customized requisites and contracted service requirements. We have adopted a strategic staffing model under which we determine the perfect mix of personal attributes and skills which an individual must possess to successfully handle the challenges posed by each unique position lying under our broad portfolio of sites.

Serving a broad spectrum of clients with expertise oriented security professionals in regions like Vancouver and Surrey; we strive to be the top security companies in Surrey  by giving them the most efficient security services complimented by the use of the latest security technologies.

All our professional security guards in Surrey are required to possess the following minimum qualifications:

  • Provincially-recognized BST (Basic Security Training)
  • Extraordinary communication and interpersonal skills
  • Security-hosted Customer Service training


While you need professional security guards to work dedicatedly at your site, we ensure that our security guards are capable of performing all the required roles to ensure finest security arrangements on the site:

  • Perimeter Patrolling
  • Static Guard Service
  • Access Control Service
  • Mobile Patrol and Response
  • Concierge and Reception
  • Parking Attendance Duties
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) monitoring of video feeds from different areas of the site
  • Bicycle Patrols
  • Fire and maintenance Alarms Checking

Round the clock communication centre

No matter which site our security guards are handling, whether big or small, critical or general, every security guard at BSL Security guards in Surrey has got round the clock access to our 24X7 Security Communication Centre, and hourly check-calls are made to ensure connectivity.The Duty Operator determines the reason for any missed call immediately.. Should there be an emergency situation or an incident, the operator or the security officer can call the full emergency team and complete resources of BSL.

We always give priority to our clients’ safety and security and thus have made emergency call arrangements in all the areas where we serve to avoid and control any critical situation in the nick of time. When you hire our team, you can completely relax as your security is in the most responsible hands.