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Ensuring Safety with our Event Security in Vancouver and Surrey

BSL Security services are one of the most vital components of all the prestigious business and societal affairs. Being one of the leading providers of special event security coverage in several Canadian regions including Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, Richmond and Surrey, BSL offers specialized event security services ranging from small and private events to the largest event venues in the country.

Right from street parties to the stadium security, from event security for visiting celebrities & dignitaries to political conventions, we possess the event security expertise and experience to help the smooth progress of the event without any security hassle or hitch. BSL is a specialized event security company with a team of professional security officers specializing in event security – Security Guards who possess the right training, vast experience, and the most apt profile to ensure that your event is secure, safe and successful. The event security in which we have demonstrated perfect security arrangements and outstanding expertise subsumes:

Political Events and Conventions
Charity Events
Sporting Events
Celebrity and Dignitary Visits
Casual and Business Parties
Entertainment Events
Fairs and Private Functions

Our Team

BSL Security possesses a team of highly trained, licensed and skilled security professionals offering exceptional special event security consulting and security management services.  For the last 10 years, we have been providing completely reliable and professional special event security services at highly competitive rates. Our event security safety and services are completely based on crowd profiling.

In addition, our security professionals implement physical security management to ensure that optimum security measures can be enforced. Our team of security professionals works with effective communication, extensive event security planning, and tactful responses to security challenges in order to provide extraordinary security arrangements and to ensure that events go on smoothly without any security hassle.

Our Approach

Event security management is certainly the most significant aspect in the absence of which the success of ant public or private event is impossible. We follow a comprehensive and all-inclusive approach when it comes to providing event security to special events. What differentiates our professional security officers is their exhaustive practical training, regular simulative practice and depth of knowledge. These attributes can be found in our consummate customer service and exemplary follow up. Our approach towards providing unmatched event security arrangements for special events is to prepare our team exceptionally well that they are capable of handling every situation which may arise in such events.

We believe in thorough preparation and continuous attentiveness to avoid any security issue or breach. In our interactions with our clients and our security consulting sessions, our cardinal purpose is always to forge a relationship based on best services exceeding your expectations, and this comes through in the character, attitude and outstanding efforts of our entire team.