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Summary of the Concierge Officers role

BSL Security Services in Surrey has indulged in providing exceptional concierge security solutions for upscale commercial and residential complexes in Surrey, Vancouver and many other regions of Canada.  Our concierge officers are highly trained, aptly experienced, vastly committed, dependable, reliable and customer service oriented professionals providing outstanding security services to our clients.

Our professional security professionals dedicatedly work towards your security requisites and follow a simple philosophy of “Exceeding Customer Expectations” while providing security guard services in Surrey. We have instilled our security professionals with attributes like dedication, commitment and cooperation to ensure that our clients can enjoy completely secure and safe environments. Additionally, we leverage advanced technology to make our concierge security services even more efficient and effective.


Concierge Officers security is one of the most vital requirements of any commercial and residential complex. Our professional security officers provide our concierge clients with an overall secure environment by ensuring all-round safety in the buildings. Some of the major responsibilities undertaken by our concierge security staff subsume:

  • Monitoring all the cameras installed in the building
  • Managing access control software
  • Managing key assignment to contractors and maintaining key in/out logs whilst safeguarding suite keys
  • Monitoring and managing visitor parking
  • Enforcing Building Policies and Strata Bylaws
  • Scheduling and monitoring elevators, party rooms & lounges
  • Maintaining and updating owner and resident contact lists
  • Providing customer service to building residents and commercially complex personnel
  • Accept parcel deliveries on behalf of tenants or residents
  • Responding to building emergency situations like water leakage, fire alarm or intrusion alarm
  • Programming new access cards and fobs for building tenants and residents, and deactivating lost or old ones
  • Enforcing common room, theatre room, game room and amenities policies
  • Scheduling, loading bay for move-ins, move-outs and other deliveries
  • Mobile patrolling of the facility at odd hours at night, and seven days a week
  • Conducting door checks and maintenance checks `for lighting for absent tenants
  • Ensuring that there is no unauthorized access to the complex
  • Monitoring non-resident and guest vehicle traffic entering and exiting the complex and recording their times.


BSL is one of the leading security companies offering highly trained and experienced concierge officers who are quite flexible in providing customized service and can easily work as per the requisites of the Strata Council, or Property Management Developer. Our professional security officers not only provide outstanding concierge security services but also manage all the imperative aspects of the service subsuming and are not limited to concierge training, preparing concierge manuals, staffing and preparing vital documents.

BSL is the best security guard company in Surrey that offers comprehensive and exhaustive training to all its concierge officers so that they can leverage their skills to perform their job responsibilities exceptionally well.