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Secure Your Business With The Best Commercial Security Services

BSL Commercial Security Services Surrey provides round the clock the most superior Commercial security services and customer support to offices and commercial buildings in towns and cities in the Surrey, Richmond, Port Coquitlam, Burnaby and Vancouver regions. Right from multi-tenant commercial complexes of varying sizes to standalone buildings, our professional security guards serve as full service security officers and front door ambassadors for all our commercial clients regardless of their size.

The responsibilities of our Commercial security professionals providing office and commercial security subsume CCTV (Closed- Circuit Television) Surveillance, after office hours access control services, regular patrolling; GPS enabled mobile vehicle patrols, parking lot control and monitoring, facility management, and regular maintenance of life and fire-safety systems. Our specialized commercial security officers are also extensively trained in providing occupational first-aid and valuable security services to visitors in the high-traffic locations including directions and local information.

We work very closely with all our stakeholders, including property managers and owners, in order to develop a comprehensive and customized commercial security plan suiting all their specifications and requisites.


Apart from providing regular and comprehensive commercial security services, we offer:

Security Analytics: Security related decisions pertaining to a commercial office building should be based on logic and real time. Depending on your office conditions, for instance, work timings, office hours, and office locality, we undertake security analytics in order to design customized security plans for you.

Courier and Parcel Security: Our proven and highly secure loading dock and parcel security services provide an added layer of accountability and security by ensuring that all information amount pickups and drops of couriers and parcels are documented properly.


BSL Security provides the most superior and exhaustive security services through highly trained professional security officers teamed with intelligence. We only select, deploy and extensively train security officers who are capable of making instant on-the-spot smart security oriented decisions and taking faster actions when the time is of the quintessence.

We also use continuous monitoring and mobile patrolling through GPS enabled vehicles to give our clients an augmented security and efficient emergency response. Our team of professionals is also quite fast with emergency response and reaches the site of the incident at the minimum possible time.

At the same time, BSL is a green company which complies with all the environmental standards. The security industry uses our large fleet of GPS-enabled vehicles, which are highly fuel-efficient , and we have considerably reduced our carbon-footprint whilst being capable of passing our efficiency savings back to our valuable clients in the form of cost-efficiency.

If a guaranteed and verifiable office and commercial security service is necessary to give you peace of mind, then BSL is the right choice for you as your Security partner.