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Summer is here and we love all the activities that can take place this time of year. This is a great time to be outdoors, enjoy the mountains, out-door festivals and the local beaches.

As you’re getting ready for your summer adventures, make sure to keep safety in mind:

Here are BSL Security Services Summer Safety Tips:

  1. Take a fully charged cell phone with you when you the leave the home.
  2. Download important information before you leave so you’re not relying on external wi-fi. For example, maps.
  1. Wear sunscreen and keep hydrated to prevent heat related injuries.
  2. Bring a jacket with you, weather can be unpredictable and can go from a hot day to a cool night.
  3. Know where you’re going before you go. Doing a little bit of research can reduce anxiety and stress should something unpredictable happen.

Whatever situation arises during your summer adventures, try your best to keep calm during tense moments. If need be, wait for emergency professionals to lead the way and direct your to safety.

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