BSL Security Services has been parking lots security services for quite long and possesses a successful history in providing superior services. We have introduced several services to enhance security in parking lots and our bike patrolling services have proved to be highly efficient parking lots safety and security in regions like Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey etc. We have also expanded our services in several other regions including Port Coquitlam.


BSL Security possesses years of experience in dealing with different and unique parking lot environments with varying capacities and we have leveraged this experience for developing the highest industry standards which have the potential to better manage the security challenges including crime, homelessness, mental illness, drugs and challenges arising out of localized property. With a team of highly professional security guards and security officers, BSL continues to offer the best security services which completely protect and secure the parked vehicles of our clients against vandalism and theft, while also ensuring the safety of the visitors and staff on the parking site.


Our professional security officers are dually trained for providing excellent customer-assistance apart from providing the most exhaustive security services subsuming assisting the customers with lost personal properties or keys, extending support in the event of any automobile difficulties and solving the parking meter issues.



The services that we provide at parking lots (both public and private) include:


  • Tresspasser removal
  • Bait Car Program
  • Deficiency Walkthroughs
  • Auto Find and Car Counts
  • Loss Prevention
  • Liaising with local stakeholders
  • Administering First Aid
  • Managing Safewalk Programs
  • Bait Bike Program
  • Statistical Analysis
  • K-9 Patrols and Detection Services
  • Customer Service
  • Providing Cash Escorts
  • Bike Patrols
  • Lost & Found Services
  • Monitoring Cameras
  • Responding to Alarms




In order to provide our customers and parking lot vehicles and being the best security company, we offer remote video monitoring and verification for enhancing the security arrangements. We also use remote access control systems which are controlled by our round the clock functional operations centre. Additionally we provide detection capabilities, all at very affordable cost.




  • Remote operator controls the monitoring and witnesses all the real-time events happening in the parking lot, and thus better controls the free up valuable resources and personnel.
  • The storage and archiving of all the video recorded round the clock provide an augmented security backed up by the real evidences.
  • Remote video monitoring initiated alerts facilitate us to provide a rapid and immediate response from our closest patrolling and mobile response teams who use GPS-enabled vehicles
  • Real time monitoring of the events helps in addressing certain sensitive issues in the nick of time