BSL Security Services was founded in 2003 and is proud to call the Metro Vancouver area its home. We love Vancouver and area, here are our top reasons why:

  1. Weather: The climate in Vancouver is always mild in comparison to the rest of the country. Who wants to live in -40 degree weather when you don’t have too!
  2. Beaches, hiking and skiing: Whatever you enjoy doing, you can find it here. From taking a morning hike in the many trails to hitting the beach in the afternoon. And with an option of going skiing in the winter months. What can’t you do here?
  3. Weekend trips: Need to get out of town for a few days? When you live in Vancouver, no problem! You can drive 2 hours and be in Whistler, or head to Seattle to see the Space Needle. Want some wine, well, it’s only a few hours away, in the Okanagan Valley – all you have to decide is when to go!
  4.  The arts: There is an awesome arts scene in Vancouver, from visual to performing arts. Professional and amateur, traditional or experimental, classic or modern, you can easily explore the arts scene and find what you love.
  5. Hollywood North: With all the filming of TV shows and movies, we continue to be known as Hollywood North! So get your sunglasses to do some star gazing of international and local celebrities.

BSL Security Services is a Surrey, Vancouver, BC based company and proud to be from here. What are your reasons for loving Vancouver?

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