You can’t stop vandalism from occurring at all, however, you can discourage vandals with BSL Security Services list of ways to prevent vandalism.

  1. Keep your property nice and clean. Remove any trash and keep the space well landscape to discourage vandals from loitering.
  1. A well-lit property discourage vandals, as they do not want any attention upon them, including being seen.
  1. Install cameras to record and monitor onsite activity. You can forward any usable footage to police, should the need arise.
  1. Clean up after the vandals. Remove graffiti, make repairs immediately. This will show that you care about your surroundings and will not tolerate defacement.
  1. Hire a security guard. With a patrolling security guard, vandals tend to move to another property as they don’t want to deal with anyone on-site who can profile them.

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